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The Full Story

For me, photography is a means of communication.  Whether it is a landscape scene constantly changing by light or other external factors, a rarely viewed image of an abandoned building or straight lines and pure shapes hidden in architecture, my photos are a way to share my perception of the beauty of life and hopefully awaken in the viewer unexpected feelings and emotions.

I use photographs to draw attention to the ordinary things most people overlook in their day-to-day life.  I am always seeking the right camera angle from which I can change the simplest and most common object or scene, and attempt to present them in an interesting or enhanced state to be immortalized forever. 

My motivation comes from the desire to be able to translate through photography what my eyes capture and my mind feels. Interested in different categories of photography, I am particularly fascinated by Minimalism: working with contrasting colors,  lines, patterns, symmetrical compositions and the use of negative space.


“Less is More”.​


The choice of my subjects is intuitive. It is the simple things that attract me.

And so, it is in my surrounding environment where I find my greatest inspiration.

For my minimalistic works in particular, buildings and their minute details draw my attention.​ Photography has become a way of life in the past years.  It has changed from something I enjoy doing to something that I am compelled to do. Mostly self-taught, experimentation and self-study have helped me to develop an intuitive approach to photography. One of my main goals is to achieve personal growth in photography.

Anouk Molinari  Sept. 2016

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